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Messaging Apps are the Platform of the Future

Build your brand’s presence where your audience is. With 3.5 billion users on messaging apps, it is a safe bet that your target audience is already there.

No need for your users to download an app, sign up, or authenticate. Chatting with your brand is as simple as messaging the bot.

Notify your audience of new show premieres, trailer releases, or inside scoops. You are already producing great content; use chatbots to deliver it to your audience.

The QwipIt Advantage


Whether your bot gets hundreds of interactions or billions. We handle the scale so you don't have to think about it.


Data Scientists

Our team is constantly monitoring your conversations so you don't have to. Real time recommendations and notifications from our team.


Visual Interface Builder

With our interface builder, your editorial staff can easily visualize and create conversations on the fly.


We Custom Integrations!

We know you use so many tools, why add another? Let our bots plug into your CMS and make conversations happen.


Real Humans

We're here for you! Send an email, get a response. Call us, we answer (or call back fast). We give you the support you need, when you need it.


Be Different

Stand out from your competition. In your own unique way. Our personal Conversation Architects can help!

The Chatbot Advantage

Users can ask your Messenger chatbot questions or navigate via a predefined conversation path.

We partner natural language processing with content maps. This ensures that your audience doesn't feel trapped in a decision tree they can't escape.

Send out push notifications to your users to deliver the hottest content. Have users elect to received (or not receive) messages about topics of their choice.

The intimate setting within messaging apps makes it crucial that users elect specific content they want to receive.

Your chatbot can be equipped with functionality, such as: scheduling information, deep link into your app, episode recaps, trailers and sneak peaks, trivia, shareable assets (such as gifs or memes), and movie premieres.

Your audience can communicate with your chatbot like they were texting a friend.

The four top messaging clients have more monthly active users than all the big social networks combined.

Start building and get into the conversation!